Our achievements attest to an empowered workforce. We harness people’s desire for success and provide them with the right tools, training and environment to reach their full potential. We have invested almost 15.5 billion VND billion in internal training programs in 2019




We are proud of our well-trained leaders who have enabled INSEE to be a leading company in our industry. Our leaders have all been certificated by tailor-made training programs such as: Leadership Development Programs (LDP), Supervisor Development Programs (SDP) or Coach the Coach (CTC). With LDP, we revamped the program to focus more on challenging convention and customer centricity, while the aim of SDP is to develop more in-depth content and practical tools for supervisors to apply in their daily job. We also added a Safety Certificated Program so that our leaders receive comprehensive knowledge of H&S as a top priority at INSEE. A total of 26 employees have graduated from these programs in 2019.   Three key programs aim to prepare a successful talent pool for INSEE by providing hands-on experience to a wide variety of new graduates. For the past 10 years, these programs have included the Junior Engineer Trainees (JET), Graduate Development Program (GDP) and Enterprise Based Vocational Education (EVE). In 2019, we welcomed more than 20 talented graduates into the organization. To give young talent a broader knowledge of our company and industry, in addition to technical and soft skills training, we have added a Business Acumen course series. This provides our GDP, JET and EVE graduates with a good foundation and professional working style to adapt to challenges in a changing world.





The Enterprise-based Vocational Education (EVE) Program is designed to meet corporate human resource needs. For a high-tech manufacturing plant like INSEE’s Hon Chong plant, people are key to operational success. But because of its remote location, it has not been easy for INSEE (or previously Holcim) to recruit the necessary talent to the plant. With strong support from local government and a consultant from the INSEE Group experts, the company decided to implement the EVE Program. This three-year vocational degree program has a curriculum created by local public vocational schools and INSEE to develop local talent to meet the demanding requirements of an international manufacturer. Over the past 18 years, the program has been a life-changing opportunity for 205 local talents with a retention rate of 77%.


Joining the EVE Program was a life-changing decision. Without this opportunity, my life would have turned out very differently. I was born into a very poor family. Like other people in the region, my only way out was to export my labor and seek opportunity in a different country, knowing that it might cost me a whole career and potentially mean being an illegal worker. In my last high school year, I was determined to take a short mechanical engineer vocational course and go off to Europe.

I learned about Vocational EVE Program when a group of foreign experts came to my school and talked to the students. I was very impressed by their knowledge and humble attitude. Back then, I only dreamed of being able to go to work every day on a shuttle bus like Holcim employees. But 2005 was a big milestone for me as I decided to compete for the scholarship in the EVE Program, where I was one of 12 selected students out of 180 applicants.

In 2008, I graduated from the program. As one of the top students of the class, I was hired to teach the program. In 2011 and 2013, I was sent to Indonesia and India for a three-month training program to enhance my skills and career development, full filling my dream to travel abroad.

After eight years of loving my job as a teacher, another opportunity came up that I couldn’t turn down. I remember clearly, it was a Friday afternoon, and the plant manager called me to his offce to ask me to be his assistant after he had spent two months searching through CVs without finding a suitable candidate. All I could say was, yes! It was a big step in my career, all thanks to that one day I was inspired and accepted into the EVE Program.


Plant Manager Assistant, alumni of EVE Program



Each employee is guided to explore his/her strengths, areas for improvement, and ambitions. While individual KPIs set a target for operational purpose, Individual Development Plans (IDP) provide our people with a set of powerful tools that helps them take charge of their own career development and receive guidance and mentoring from their leaders. They are given a full spectrum of learning modalities, such as participation in cross-functional projects, real-work experiences, and an opportunity to lead in important meetings. The goals in the IDP are created in alignment with our business strategy. Mid-year and year-end performance reviews and development assessments are a chance for people to chart and plan their progress in the workplace.


Since 2017, the INSEE Awards annually honor the great efforts and services of employees for their contribution towards development of INSEE. There are four categories: sales awards recognize the contribution of our sales force; innovation awards honor innovative ideas and efforts; safety & environment awards encourage all manufacturing sites to maintain high standards in safety and environmental management, and the INSEE Ambassador award for those who display the company’s voluntarism and social activeness. In 2018, we especially encouraged and cultivated innovative spirit within the organization through the innovation awards, receiving more than 80 ideas, mostly from manufacturing teams. All ideas help to improve our daily work in terms of time, cost and resource saving.





Engagement activities at department levels
To encourage a positive work environment at office and sites, our HRBPs team has initiated various activities to address different concerns at all levels. In the Sustainable Development department, an engagement workshop was organized with various activities such as brainstorming, gaming, group working and a commitment to create the change needed for more effective outcomes. In the Manufacturing department, we prioritized employees at all sites with team building activities discussing specific topics on self-leadership, proactiveness and innovation; a health & nutrition talk and healthcare tips. We have a culture of recognizing people’s contributions, cross-functional collaboration, and frequent and transparent communication at all levels.

New initiatives in 2019
One of the most highly anticipated activities this year was the K-café, a mini talk show concept initiated by the internal communications team to open opportunities that bring employees and managers’ teams closer together. In this session, we prioritize quality time to share deeper professional knowledge, leadership motivation and inspiration.

Engagement with the Jardines family
As a member of the Jardines Group, we play an active role in the family and participate in all activities from networking events (Christmas party, Year-end party) to sport activities such as Jardines Familypic and BBGV Football Tournament. Through these activities, we have built a stronger partnership and collaboration as well as opened up new opportunities within the Jardines Group.