Since June 18, 2018, 11 young talented people selected from the JET program and GDP have officially started their 1-year journey at INSEE Vietnam. Mr. Colin Terry - Chief Financial Officer had an impressive sharing with the students about the meaning and role of the Young Talent Development Program in building young human resources with understanding. in terms of sustainable development, thereby contributing to creating a potential next generation with the company contributing more to the community and society.
On this occasion, you also had the opportunity to listen to the sharing of work experience and practical experiences from the Managers of the HR department, the Training department as well as to visit. working environment of the departments in the main office.
Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen - BAE GDP (Commercial) had an internship at INSEE but this time back with a new position, you shared your feelings that: “This is not the first time I come With INSEE, but every minute here, participating in any activity, doing any job, I love this environment. I hope that with the next 1 year journey with INSEE, I will try to turn the "pink" things into more "pink", perfecting myself more than the starting date today. Once again, congratulations to 11 young talented faces. I wish you a year of experience full of fun and full of memories with INSEE!