Recently, the graduation ceremony of the INSEE Young Talent Program 2019 - 2020 was held, marking the first year of development of 17 young talents. From this milestone, you will take on new responsibilities, new challenges and keep the spirit of learning to go further. On graduation day, people will often think about the challenges and difficulties that they worked so hard to overcome during that time and then will be moved to tears. But for INSEE's 17 young talents, they not only think about the challenges, difficulties, hard work, or their willingness to accept challenges and strive to achieve results, but also as an opportunity to express gratitude. for those who have guided me from the very beginning. At INSEE, you are treated fairly and are always cared for for growth. INSEE is not only a healthy work environment, your 2nd university, but also your home and family. Please join us in wishing them a successful new journey and reaping results from this starting point with INSEE Vietnam!