INSEE Ecocycle of INSEE Vietnam, one of the leading provider of waste management in Vietnam, is celebrating 15 years of waste treatment journey. We have many great achievements, such as being the only unit in Vietnam licensed to handle PCB-contaminated oil. This is a hazardous waste that must be completely treated in Vietnam and globally by 2080; the 1st waste treatment unit in Vietnam to handle HCFC – the gas that causes global warming. INSEE Ecocycle has also thoroughly treated over 1,600,000 tons of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, fully complying with Vietnam's environmental protection laws as well as the Group's standard regulations. This result is equivalent to reducing more than 1,000,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.
As a long-term investor in Vietnam, environment is one of our core values. We always reaffirm our commitment to reducing emissions and achieving "Net Zero" in each climate change action to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050.


With rich experience in varied industries, INSEE Ecocycle team owns outstanding knowledge and skills in building the most suitable solution as customers’ requirements

  • Experience in waste treatment for various well-known companies in a wide range of manufacturing industries
  • INSEE Ecocycle Vietnam has processed more than 100,000 tons of waste per year in order to accompany customers to preserve our environment and enhance the sustainable development by managing waste effectively help to gain credibility and to create competitive advantages
  • Treating waste for customers by co-processing waste technology in cement kiln, the technology has been accredited in safety and environmentally friendly performance that is superior compared to incineration or landfilling by:
    - Extremely high temperature - up to 2,000°C, oxygen excess and long residence time destroy completely waste materials
    - Emission control system 24/24 in every INSEE Ecocycle plants ensures emission safety according to Siam City Cement Group’s global standards
    - No-residue after the process so that customers do not have to concern about related legal responsibilities or reputation risks. Moreover, co-processing helps decreasing the waste for landfill if treated by other technology accordingly
    - Capability to collect and treat a wide range of waste in mass volume more than 700 tons/day. Customers totally trust in our waste treatment service in case of expanding business and increasing waste volume
    - Co-processing waste will not generate more CO2, leading to advance the environment protection performance and social responsibility for customers
  • Protect brand value and credibility for customers because INSEE Ecocycle compliances with all legal regulations, applies the highest standard regarding safety and environment protection in operating
    - ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 2015
    - ISO 50001 Energy Management System in 2011
    - OHSAS 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in 2018
    - Supplier Ethical Data Exchange SEDEX – promote business ethics and social responsibilities in global supply chain
    - Internal risk Management assurance methodology (ECO-Assessment)
  • INSEE Ecocycle members will cooperate with customers to design customized total waste treatment solutions, from waste analysis to complete disposal, appropriate with particular waste conditions of customers
    Consult on effective waste treatment: Ensures customers waste treatment complied to legal regulations & Consult the waste treatment solution to ensure safety and health operational in customers site
    Analyze waste by advance technology equipment: Provide the safest solutions on handling, mixing, packaging, storing, logistics & Bring forward the safe solution for pick-up and transportation waste
    - Transport waste by supervisors and drivers who are trained and well-equipped: The waste material is collected and transported to treat in rotary cement & Customers may supervise the transport waste with GPS equipment for real time itinerary tracking
    Pre-processing at INSEE Ecocycle plants by well-experienced employees, automatic and modern facilities: Waste material is pre-processed at plant to extremely minimize the exposure of human with waste
    Co-processing in cement kiln: Leaving zero residues that needs to be landfilled after processing, exclude risks that have impact on company’s credential compared to decomposition or landfilling & INSEE Ecocycle provides the best solution of waste treatment for environment and social community